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28 Ways To Make Money Around You

This reveals that there are a lot of opportunities out there who is ready to grab them. I have the personal belief that anybody that can read and write and also has access to the internet and a phone has no business with poverty. 1. HOUSEHOLD MACHINES OR DEVICE REPAIR SERVICES To do this business, you’ll need to contact local repair shops in your community and tell them you will list them free of charge for a commission on all business you send them. For those that agree to your terms, find out the type of repair work the specialize in, example cooker, refrigerator, washing machine, TV sets etc. People with urgent or emergency problems will call you and you can refer them to the proper repair shops. The shop owner gets the extra business; you receive a commission. But make sure you list only experts and not quacks and fraudster. Don’t also list those who won’t be able to deliver prompt service. If pick up and delivery service is required, this should be added to the customer’s bill by the shop owner. 2. PRODUCT SELLING BY PHONE This is another lucrative business. I am specifically into this right now. Right now, many firms, stores, factories, industries, etc. need phone sales people to help sell items and goods such as books, subscription, encyclopedias, cloths, etc. Most pay able average commissions, some pay on a ‘presale’ basis; others pay a flat fee for making appointments for their sales men to call on prospective customers. Contact local firms that may be interested in using your services. 3. AGENCY FOR COLLECTION OF DEBT Almost every business has outstanding debts. If you can convince debtors by phone that they should pay their bills, you can receive nice commission. Some firms allow as much as 2/5 commissions almost any firm will be interest in your plan, since most will be happy to pay you a fee and receive some payment rather than nothing at all. 4. SERVICES SELLING BY PHONE Although this is similar to 2 above, generally, you offer your service to local firms that sell items that home-owners would be interested in, such as water purification, insurance, decorating services, landscaping etc. Since such service are so technical in nature, you will usually be paid a fee for each appointment you arrange for the salesmen, plus receive a commission on the final sale. 5. RESERVATION SERVICE FOR HOTELS When a large retreat or convention comes to town, it is often difficult for many travelers to find accommodation. Contact hotels and motels ion your area and explain that, when the have more guest than their rooms can accommodate, they should contact you. By negotiating with as many hotels and motels as possible, you send these guest to other available accommodation. Your commissions are collected from those establishments to which you send guests to fill their vacancies. 6. CATERING SERVICES Planning a large banquet or party or wedding ceremony is very much time consuming. Last minute details can be extremely hectic. Most host and or hostesses will welcome expert hands. You can earn two ways by being of assistance. First, familiarize yourself with all service that may be need by such social events. This includes places where you can sent chairs, dinnerware, silver, table decorations, linen, etc. Also, where you can find attendants such as musician, bartenders, waiters, etc. Also source of catered beverages, meals, ice flowers, entertainment, etc. By making a complete list, you will be able to provide a full service without leaving your phone. Collect a flat fee from the party – givers, base on the number of guest. Also collect a commission on all sales from firms or establishments you recommend to help cater for the affairs. 7. WINDOW WASHING SERVICE While it must be done several time a year, many find window washing as a task. They would rather pay people to clean their window. Charge a fee based on the number of window to be washed. Then locate several persons interested in earning extra money by washing windows. Pay your washers a commission for work done and you keep the rest. 8. HOUSE WASHING SERVICE Many home – owners and tenants will welcome help at dry – season time when there is plenty of dust. Charge a flat fee for the amount of work that must be done. Make arrangements with establishments that provide workers for cleaning carpets, painting, washing walls, etc. and collect a commission from all those you send extra business. 9. ESTATE SERVICES By finding homes for tenants, you perform a valuable service for both landlords and tenants. Advertise that you have listing available for rooms, house, flats, land, etc. You can either charge a one – time fee finding accommodation or work on a commission. To get a list of available houses, contact property developers, estate agencies, guest houses etc. Also watch “for rents” classified ads. In some instances, you will also be able to get a commission from the property owner or landlord for suitable tenants that you locate. 10. ERRAND SERVICE Another helpful idea for busy working people, including home makers. First, you will need a list of those available to run this errands. They could have cars, vans, trucks. Although this is necessary, it is not compulsory. This could aid in errands such as picking up and delivering goods, services and information. Contact students for these chores by placing signs in notice board in schools. They would be happy for such part – time work. Pay them on a day’s work basis charge customer a fee for time involved. 11. HANDY MEN SERVICES Contact firms, business and industrial, who are available for difficult and more strenous jobs such as grass – cutting, gutter debris removal, small carpenter jobs preparing forms for planting, cleaning basements, painting etc. Collect commissions from those you recommend to do these jobs for your customer. 12. ASK FOR FUNDS FOR CHARITIES There are some worthwhile charities that need help in obtaining donations. Contact churches and such local organizations and offer your services for a commission on all such “Promises” you obtain. 13. ASK FOR FUNDS FOR POLITICAL GROUPS These is very good for politically ambitious people. Political candidates are always looking for fund – raiser. Contact local political organizations and / or candidate and explain that you will help raise money on a commission basis. But be wise on choosing those you raise money for. 14. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENT SERVICES The ,job of a travel agency is to provide assistance by making travel arrangements for individuals, couples, families and tours. Duties require making to and from travel reservations with ships, trains, airlines, buses etc. as well as accommodation. In addition to receiving substancial commissions, travel agencies also receive worthwhile benefits in the form of discount travel fares, reduce rate or free accommodation, etc. investigate how other travel agencies operate on order to establish pricing structure for the various services you will offer. 15. ROUND – THE – CLOCK EMERGENCY SERVICE To operate such a service, you will need a list of professional people who can be available around -–the – clock, 7 days a week. This will include locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, doctors, car – towing services, building contractors, TV repairs experts, etc. When calls come in, your job will be to contact the proper emergency help required and send them where needed you receive a commission for all the business you send them. 16. RESERVATION SERVICES This type of service is designed for busy people who want to spend a night in the town but don’t have the time to handle the many details or don’t know their where about. You will be required to make reservations for dinner, concerts, shows etc. charge customers a fee based on the amount of work involved . you can also collect commissions from many of the business you send your customers to. 17. CAR HIRING SERVICES Sometimes, many people who travel long distances don’t like travelling with their car – Negotiate with car hiring firms on your commission. Location those that would want to live cars to the firm and you get your commission per customer sent. 18. HOUSEBOUND PEOPLE Some concerned persons wish to keep informed as to all health and conditions of friends, relative and neighbours. These are generally those people that live alone and may be ill, invalids, disabled etc. You will be required to phone these people at pre-arranged times (usually once or twice a day), to check if all is well. If these is some emergency or no response to your call, you should immediately notify the subscriber. There are those that will pay a good price for such service simply for their own peace of mind. 19. LANDLORD’S VACATION SERVICES While away from home for extended periods, many landlords and landlady will gladly pay someone to water their farms, gardens and flowers. Cut grass, sweep paths, collect newspapers, collect mail, etc. Announce that you provide this services for a small fee on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 20. “REMIND ME” SERVICE Busy homemakers as well as overworked executives are fearful of forgetting ,important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, business appointments, etc. By making notes on an ordinary calendar, you can phone several days in advance to remind then of the important occasion. Some subscribers will want to be listed for only 15 or 20 calls a year, while some business will have many more such date dates. Your rates should be based on the number of “remind me” calls for a given period. 21. STUDENTS SERVICE Many Secondary, Polytechnic, College and University Students need part – time jobs after school hours or during holidays and at weekends. Charge these subscribers a monthly or quarterly fee. These are also business and some home owners who need part – time workers. Your duty will be to fill the needs of employers by sending the most qualified students for the jobs. To locate interested students, place signs on notice boards. To be noticed and contacted by prospective employers, you’ll need to run classified ads in local magazine and newspaper, and make phone calls or mail circulars to various businesses. 22. SECRETARIAL SERVICES First, you’ll need to advertise throughout your community for part – time office help such as secretaries, clerks, typists, etc. by placing fliers or handbills on notice boards. Charge a small subscription fee for specified period – usually half a year or for a full year. Then you’ll contact prospective employers by phone or by sending notices announcing your service. When you receive calls for part – time office helpers, it is then a matter of checking your list and finding the qualified workers to fill the part – time job requirements. 23. SEARCE ITEMS SHOPPING SERVICES Many will gladly pay someone else to help them in reach for items or services which are difficult to locate. Some jobs may be impossible, but for those ores that you can fill, you can collect a fee for time involved as well as commissions from merchants in your community that can be of assistance. 24. ORDER TAKING SERVICE In this case, you have a product orr services. You have placed some adverts in the magazine, newspapers, television or radio. Then customers all you through the numbers you placed in your advert to order a specific product or service they have seen advertise. You deliver it to them, either by dropping it in their home or send it by mail. The delivery charge is included in the product price or service charge. 25. SHOPPING SERVICE FOR VERY BUSY PEOPLE Most busy executives do not have the time to do their personal shopping. They need someone to do their buying for them, such as gifts for their wife, family, secretary, business associates, etc. You can provide such a service. First, you’ll be required to spend some time visiting some of the most popular shops in your area. Make a list of items available that will make suitable gifts. Locate stores that provide delivery service. Charge a subscription fee, and / or send a monthly bill for services rendered which is a small percentage of the value of items purchased. 26. PRINTING BUSINESS SERVICE Be a printing broker. A printing broker is, basically, an order taker for one or more commercial printers. You take orders for anything from business cards to circulars to large printing orders. The printer then does the job and sends the order back to you or your customer, depending on your arrangements. You will get the return orders and commissions. Be sure you work with printers who will be able to deliver quality products on time. Printing brokering is an easy way to expand your profits while expending little extra work. 27. MONEY BROKERAGE SERVICE Becoming a money broker is one of the easiest and most rewarding endeavours available. You can start this business on a pat – time basis, and earn large brokerage fee, or open your own office and work full time with absolutely unlimited income potential. To get started, you’ll need stationery, envelop and business cards with your own letter- head. Be sure to include your phone number, when ordering. Also have copies made of your fee agreement. Run some advertisement in your local paper to pull borrowers and lenders. Your job is to bring borrowers and lenders together. Also make sure you have different money sources available such as banks, insurance companies, private investments, professional people, individuals that are well to do, etc. You have to be prepared with proper answers when clients call. 28. CHILD CARE SERVICE This is a matter of providing a baby – sitter at a moments notice. To get a list of available baby – sitters, place small signs o notice boards in your community and keep this list of names handy. Advertise this service in local newspapers to get subscribers. When calls come in, send the nearest baby – sitter. The employer pays for the sitter’s time and generally, the cost of transport.

Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software

Have you ever downloaded any trial version software and it may have expired before you could have tested it for its full capabilties.In this trick I will explain to how you can use the trial version of any software over and again so that you can test the software properly before purchasing its full version.Basically there are two type of restrictions put by the software companies on trial version of softwares. 

1.Disable some features of the software

2.Time Bound limitations like 5-days Trial version
This trick can extend only  your time bound limitations hence provide you with the capability to use the trial version of the software for as long as you want.
Another big advantage of this trick is that it will increase your system security.For this trick we will be using a freeware software called sandboxie which very small(500 kb).It would protect your computer from malware andspywares to make changes to your system. Sandboxie runs the softwares in an isolated enviroment so that they cannot make permanent changes to your system.Here is the graphical representation of the programs running with sandboxie in memory.
frontpageanimation Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
frontpagelegend Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
Now,here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots on Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  1. Goto http://www.sandboxie.com and download the software.
  2. Install and run it.
  3. Click on the Sandbox -> DefaultBox –> Run SandBoxed and then click on Run Any Program
  4. sandboxie111 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  5. Now a new window will popup.Click on Browse
  6. forefrontiagisa00024 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  7. Locate the setup of the trial software you want to install.Click on open
  8. forefrontiagisa00034 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  9. Install the software and run it.You will see in the software tittle bar.It indicates that the software is running under sandboxie.
  10. forefrontiagisa00072 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  11. You will get the trial of the software and the trial version will expire after the time bound limitation is over.
  12. To reuse the software again after the trial version is over click on Click Sandbox –>DefaultBox andclick Delete Contents.
(Note icon biggrin Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software onot let the software expire.Do these steps before atleast 1-day of the trial software is left.otherwise the above trick may not work )
    forefrontiagisa00092 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
  1. This will open up a new window and delete all the files created, Press the Delete Sandboxbutton to fully clear the contents.
forefrontiagisa00102 Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software
Now reinstall the software as mentioned above and you will again get the full trial version.
1.This trick will not work if you have already used the full trial version of the software without sandboxie.
2.Sandboxie may crash if you run very large programs with it

Friday, 4 October 2013

Feyi Agagu, Falaye’s Son, Ondo Commissioner On Board Crashed Plane

Feyi Agagu, Falaye’s Son, Ondo Commissioner On Board Crashed Plane SaharaReporters has just learnt that Deji Falae, the son of Olu Falaye, a former secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria was among the passengers on board an Embraer aircraft that crashed this morning in the Mafoluku area of Lagos. The plane was conveying the remains of former Governor Segun Agagu from Lagos to Akure, the Ondo State capital, when it crashed shortly after take-off. Our sources also disclosed that other passengers on the doomed aircraft the Ondo State Commissioner of Tourism; the late Agagu’s son-in-law, and an executive of MIC Funeral Company, Femi Akinsanya which was handling arrangements for the late governor’s interment. Mr. Agagu. The crashed plane was registered to Associated Airline, owned by former Governor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State. In 1999, Deji Falae’s father, Olu Falaye, was the presidential candidate of the Alliance for Democracy (AD), and ran against Mr. Obasanjo. A source stated that Feyi Agagu, a son of former Governor Agagu, was also on board the aircraft, but survived the crash with injuries. Below is the full list of passengers and crew aboard the ill-fated aircraft: 1.Feyi Agagu 2.Femi Akinsanya 3. Akintunde Joseph 4.Akeem Akintunde 5.Tunji Okusanya 6. Chijioke Duru 7. Kingsley Amaechi 8. Deji Afolabi 9. Mrs. A.O. Alabi 10. Daji Bernard 11. Deji Falae 12. Samson Hassan 13. Olatunji Okusanya Crew members: 14. Capt. Yakubu 15. Flight officer Oyinlola 16. Engr. Soroh Ebiya 17. Flight dispatcher Ibrahim 18. Mr. Felix Latoya 19. Cabin attendant Owolabi 20. Cabin attendant Samson.