Saturday, 30 November 2013

Increase In The Activity Of Defensive Body Cells And AIDS Cure.

Do you know, that Black Elder,Garlic, and Wild Daisy.Can increase the activity of the defensive body cells, natural antibiotics and as-such become the best way to cure AIDS? If you are one who want to prove it, these are the ways you could use them to cure yourself right away. (1)You can eat them raw as vegetable, and you can combine them with Salad and other special dishes and you eat them at least two to three times daily. (2)You can still take them as liquid. All you need to do on this, is to take a full spoon of their followers/leaves into a full cup of water and drink two to three times daily.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Get The Chapest Call Rate To Any Network With Etisalat Homezone

  Etisalat homezone is a service that  you can use to choose any location you like for making calls at cheaper rates to any network. You can choose your home or your office, or any location you wish to use. Once you set a location as your homezone, then you start to make calls in that location at a discounted rate of 40 kobo/second (20% discount as @ now).

To set Etisalat homezone is easy, all you need to do is to *242# or call 242 and follow the voice instructions. Your first three Etisalat homezone setting will be free if done within the first 30 days of your first call. Note however, that a new homezone will override the previous homezone. Hence, you can have only one Etisalat homezone at a time.

You can also set a voice prompt to remind you when you are making a call from your Etisalat homezone. This is a great feature to activate as with this feature you can with time master the footprint of your homezone. To activate homezone voice prompt send *2431# and send *2432# to deactivate voice prompt. You may also send *243# to check whether your current location is within your Etisalat homezone