Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Samuel L. Jackson informs news anchor that he and Laurence Fishburne are, in fact, different people

KTLA’s Sam Rubin — a “multiple Emmy winner,” according to his official bio — will never live this one down. On Monday, the Los Angeles entertainment anchor welcomed Samuel L. Jackson on air for a short interview to promote Jackson’s latest film, MGM’s RoboCop remake. During their chat, though, Rubin made what seemed to be a fatal mistake: He asked Jackson about his recent Super Bowl commercial. At first, Jackson was confused. And as a result of that there was an awkward silence. But he quickly catch up, just as Rubin started to explain himself, Jackson let him have it: “You are as crazy as the people on Twitter!” he said, shaking his finger. “I am NOT Laurence Fishburne!” The actor, of course, was referring to a Matrix-inspired Kia spot that aired during the big game — one that featured Matrix star Laurence Fishburne, not not-Matrix-star Jackson.

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