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Premium Marketing Kit Part4

Thanks a lot for starting this powerful and profitable Recruiter Marketing Program created by CityNation Publishing Company. The JobsNOW Recruiter Marketing Program offers are as follows 
1. JobsNOW Career Training Program (which ensures a Local Advertising Business opportunity upon completion of training) when the student completes the training. These 3 opportunities are:
 (1) JobsNOW Recruiter, (2) JobsNOW Career Training Program, and (3) Local Advertising Business Opportunity. And the combination of these 3 opportunities are specifically designed to help the Million Americans who were laid off or downsized and to the recent graduates who are looking for a good job or career. while our Recruiter job involves:
 (1) Recruiting new students to the JobsNOW Career Training Program (this guarantees a career job) to your friends, associates and to the 30 Million Americans who were laid off or downsized and to the recent graduates who are looking for a good job or career. 
(2) Recruiting new members to your Marketing Team. Each JobsNOW Recruiter  receives the following compensation: 
(1) You receive $300 for each and every recruit you obtain who signs up for the JobsNOW Career Training Program.
 (2) You also receive $300 for each sign-up to the JobsNOW Career Training Program that your Marketing Team obtains. 
(3) You receive up to $300 Bonus that can be plused to your above $300, making it a  total of $600 per Order for Training. 
  our Marketing   Team The largest share of your earnings will come from your Marketing Team. You get paid for every Order they obtain. An Order is when you, or any member of your Marketing Team, recruits a person who signs up and attends the Career Training Program. You can grow and expand your Marketing Team as you like. The Marketing Tools and Methods that is  provided to you here enables you to build your Marketing Team to well over 100 Members. The Recruiter Marketing Pr ogram This Recruiter Marketing Program is a combination of individual marketing techniques that are used by most marketing experts. These marketing techniques are combined in a unique manner that creats a powerful and overall Marketing Program. You do not have to use the entire Marketing Program to make it to work for you. Instead, you can select any of the Marketing Methods you wish to use. Primarily, this Marketing Program involves Social Media and Internet Marketing methods. These include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, Craigslist, affiliate marketing, free-classifieds marketing, Flyers, article and so on. make sure you share this with friends on twitter and facebook by clicking on the facebook and twitter logo below

Profit more using expansion skills

In case you have been wondering all the time on what methods you are to adopt to take your business to a higher level.And so  you are trying to catch up with the emerging trends in your industry. And  you wish to catch up with your competitors and beat them out. And the same time do you wish to drive your business far beyond the level it is right away? here on this blog you get all you need. As the case is, carrying out a transition from a small business enterprise into a large venture is never an easy task to carry out, but the profits it gives out may actually worth it. Being that some entrepreneurs are contented to maintain a small business operation as long as it can meet their immediate needs, others may be  willing to remain competitive and will take the needed steps required to growing their business into a high-profit venture. Now, this is one thing you should have in mind having a larger market share for your venture comes with its own risks, but this interpreneurs note that the risks cannot be compared with its huge financial return and impact on the country’s economy. now here are the few steps you have to take or consider, if you wish yourself to be one.
  Get funding from your bank Experts puts it in mind that because more resources would be required to kick-start the expansion processes, business managers need to source for credit facilities from banks. A business consultant, Mr. Joseph Aderibigbe, reported that strategies in business growth may bring obout delegating certain responsibilities or control to others. He further said that increased investment may be needed in the area of employee recruitment and training, infrastructure development and more office space. He brings an idea that the estimate of the working capital and contingency capital needs due to construction delays, technology malfunction and market access delay should be ascertained. Afterwards, confirm sources of the capital required, either from investors, family, and venture capitalist. Other capital sources that can be exploited are loan from banks, grants and state economic development incentives. He pointed that grants can also be accessed from development banks. Some of these funds that are currently available include $500m credit to Micro, Medium and Small-Scale Enterprises in the country to fund Development Finance Projects established by the Federal Government; a $100m fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria and N5bn Cottage Agro Processing fund that can be accessed through the Bank of Industry among others.
 Expand into other regions Expanding product or services to reach other demographic segments or geographical regions can serve to meet the expansion needs for some businesses. Aderibigbe says the success of this expansion will actually require intensive market research. He says that the major aim of this research may be to find out the best location for the business, the source of getting raw materials for the business, and the need of the consumers, which will help you to excel in the business. It can also lead to a better service delivery after business start-up;let take for example, people’s desire to finish business transactions within a short time in the bank was discovered through feasibility studies, brought about improved customer services. Feasibility studies should be continuous in order to keep improving on your enterprise because it is the the heart beat of the business. Form alliance with others Experts discovered that government and private businesses, both local and international, need to become partners both in embracing a philosophy of shared value and driving a common agenda of inclusive, sustainable growth. They  strongly pointed on the partnership, co-operation and collaboration across the private, public and social sectors is capable of driving excellent performance and can be a powerful force for transformational change and growth. In to match with  the Faculty Director, Soar and Heritage, Mr. Sola Adeyiga, there are many benefits to be fished out from partnership because the burden of the business does not lie on only one person. He reported that more businesses are likely to succeed if the parties involved take into consideration their personality and the terms of reference for the joint venture. The consultant reported that two good business men working together for a common purpose are better than one because they will gain and share from one another. .  
Introduce a new product As an interpreneur of a small company you may also expand its product line or add new features to increase its sales and profits. When small companies employ a product expansion strategy, also known as product development, they continue selling within the existing market. It is crucial to retain more customers that will bring in a constant stream of income than getting new clients, Aderibigbe reported this. He says once the needs of a client have been identified, business managers are expected to be able to envisage other related business needs and offer it to them on a continuous basis. For example, a traveling agency which offers advisory services and aranges various attractions of the country and presents them to the tourists can also assist in providing foreign language classes for the same client. He says handing out new products as incentive to existing customers can give room to a means of launching a new product that would be offered at a price later.
  Target different customers For an already increased revenue, experts are bringing in the idea of targeting different clients with variety of products available or by offering exclusive deals and discounts for first-time users. They assumed this to have a double advantage because it garantees that people can only be a first-time buyer once, but once their contact details have been documented, they can be reached based on the information they give out.

Two Details on Top 10 emerging technologies of 2015

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have become, an important and controversial part of military capacity for some years before now.
 1. ‘Sense and avoid’ drones They are in addition used in agricultural activities, for filming and other multiple applications that needs cheap and extensive aerial surveillance. But so far all these drones have had human pilots; the difference we can see is that their pilots are on the ground and fly the aircraft remotely. Another need for drone technology is to develop machines that fly themselves, opening them up to a wider range of applications. So in order for this to happen, drones must be able to sense and respond to their local environment, altering their height and flying trajectory in order to avoid colliding with other objects in their path. Now when we talk of nature, birds, fish and insects can all congregate in swarms, each animal responding to its neighbour almost instantaneously to allow the swarm to fly or swim as a single unit. Drones can emulate this nature. With a reliable autonomy and collision avoidance, drones can begin to take on some tasks too dangerous or remote for humans to carry out:eg checking electric power lines, or delivering medical supplies in an emergency. Drone delivery machines will be 100% able to find the best route to their destination,beating other flying vehicles and obstacles. In agriculture, autonomous drones can collect and process vast amounts of visual data from the air, enabling precise and efficient use of inputs such as fertilizer and irrigation. During January 2014, Intel and Ascending Technologies revealed prototype multi-copter drones that could navigate an on-stage obstacle course and automatically prevent people who walked into their path. The machines use Intel’s RealSense camera module, which weighs just around 8g and is less than 4mm thick. This level of collision prevention will bring in a future of shared airspace, with many drones flying in proximity to humans and operating in and near the built environment to perform a multitude of tasks. Drones are essentially robots operating in three, instead of two, dimensions; the proves in next-generation robotics technology will make this trend faster. Flying vehicles can never be said to be risk-free, either they are operated by humans or as intelligent machines. For widespread adoption, sense and avoid drones must be able to operate reliably in the very difficult conditions: at night, in blizzards or dust storms. Unlike our current digital mobile devices (which are exact immobile, because we have to carry them around), drones will be a transformational machines because they are self-mobile and have the ability of flying in the three-dimensional world that is beyond our direct human reach. Once ubiquitous, they will vastly expand our presence, productivity and human experience as we go ahead.
 2. Neuromorphic technology Even when we talk about today’s best supercomputers it  cannot rival the sophistication of the human brain. Computers are linear, moving data back and forth between memory chips and a central processor over a high-speed backbone. The brain, in its own nature, is fully interconnected, with logic and memory intimately cross-linked at billions of times the density and diversity of that found in a modern computer. Neuromorphic chips designed to process information in a fundamentally different way from traditional hardware, mimicking the brain’s architecture to deliver a huge increase in a computer’s thinking and responding power. Miniaturization has giving out some massive increases in conventional computing power over the years, but the bottleneck of shifting data constantly between stored memory and central processors consumes large amounts of energy and creates unwanted heat, giving a limit to further improvements. In the other way, neuromorphic chips can be more energy efficient and powerful, combining data-storage and data-processing components into the same interconnected modules. So in this sense, the system copies the networked neurons that, in their billions, make up the human brain. Neuromorphic technology is going to be the next stage in powerful computing, enabling vastly more rapid processing of data and a better capacity for machine learning. IBM’s million-neuron TrueNorth chip, showcased in prototype in August 2014, has a power of efficiency for certain tasks which  is hundreds of times superior to a conventional CPU "Central Processing Unit," andso  more comparable for the first time to the human cortex. With vastly more compute power available for far less energy and volume, neuromorphic chips should give chance for more intelligent small-scale machines to drive the next stage in miniaturization and artificial intelligence. Potentials the applications include: drones  that are better able to process and respond to visual cues, much more powerful and intelligent cameras and smartphones, and data-crunching on a scale that is aimed to help unlock the secrets of financial markets or climate forecasting. Computers will be able to perform and learn, instead of  the merely respond in pre-programmed ways it works with. Have you been wondering what methods to adopt to move your business forward? Are you trying to catch up with the emerging trends in your industry? Do you wish to catch up with your competitors and outshine them? Do you wish to drive your business far beyond the level it is right now? Making the transition from a small business enterprise into a large venture may not be easy, but the benefits it offers may be worth it.

A 100 million year-old piggyback: Amber showcases earliest example of maternal care in insects

Scientists have discovered the earliest fossilised prove of an insect caring for its young one. The research,which was published in the journal eLife, reversed back to the earliest direct evidence of insect brood care by more than 50 million years, to at least 100 million years ago when dinosaurs dominated the earth as a whole. The new fossil is the only record at hand of an adult female insect from the Mesozoic, an era that spanned roughly 180 million years. The Mesozoic era was the age of the reptiles and then saw both the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, as well as the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea. The female ensign scale insect is preserved in a piece of amber retrieved from a mine in northern Myanmar (Burma). The specimen was captured while carrying around 60 eggs and her first freshly hatched nymphs. The eggs and nymphs are encased in a wax-coated egg sac on the abdomen. This primitive form of brood care protects young nymphs from wet and dry conditions and from natural enemies until they have developed their own thin covering of wax. The behaviour has been very successful for promoting the survival of offspring that it is still common in insects till date. Young nymphs hatch inside the egg sac and remain there for a few days before coming into the outside world. This research may even offer an explanation for the early diversification of scale insects. The emergence of flowering plants and ants are thought to have been crucial for the fast evolution of many new insect species, but they were not yet in place during the evolutionary history of the ensign scale insects. "Brood care may some time have been an important driver for the early radiation of scale insects, which occurred during the end of the Jurassic or earliest Cretaceous period during the Mesozoic era," reported lead author Bo Wang, an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Fossilised evidence of animals caring for their young is highly rare, especially in insects. Wingless females were largely immobile, so were less likely to be accidentally buried. A cockroach from a similar period was reported carrying a mass of eggs, but cockroaches often deposit their eggs rather than brooding them. The only and a very specific other direct evidence of brood care is from Cenozoic ambers, the era that extends to the present and began for the past 65 million years ago together with the extinction of the dinosaurs. "Although analysis suggestion meant that the ancient insects evolved brood care, this is the first direct, unequivocal evidence for the fossil record," says Wang. The team have given this new species a name known as Wathondara kotejai after the goddess of earth in Buddhist mythology and the late Polish entomologist Jan Koteja. make sure you share this with friends on twitter and facebook by clicking on the facebook and twitter logo below thanks.

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Four Best Laptops to Buy in 2015

Here we are continuing from where we stopped last week So here we start below..  
1. Dell Precision M3800 Workstation laptops are never meant to be either sexy nor attractive, but the new Dell Precision M3800 changes the convention laid on it . It packs a quad-core CPU, Nvidia Quadro graphics and solid-state storage into a slim, stylish chassis that makes to appear when viewed much more like a super-sized Ultrabook.
 2. Gigabyte P34G v2 when you look at the name and the photos and you may as a person see nothing remarkable, but the Gigabyte P34G v2 is a gaming laptop that flies in the face of convention. It packs giant-slaying performance into a compact, a handy 14in laptop with decent battery life. The price is very reasonable as well and the it falls at £989.  
3. Acer Aspire E1 review Budget laptops majorly sets the pulse racing, but the Acer Aspire E1 excites purely by the power of its price. For a minor £350, this 15.6in laptop touts a Core i3 CPU, 750GB hard disk and all the important trimmings. It's an unshowy 15.6in laptop with good build quality and a great specification for the money – a bona fide pricing and the price falls at £350
 4. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 The Surface Pro 3 stand for a confident step in the direction of the perfect hybrid device. The new 3:2 display, in combination with the lighter chassis, causes it a far more convincing tablet  more than its predecessors, while the new kickstand and Variant Cover make it a more convincing alternative to a regular laptop. But still yet is not perfect in every scenario, but it feels considerably less compromised than the previous generations. Where the Surface Pro 3 stumbles is in the pricing. Although the low-end models look like great value, we are hesitating to recommend anything less than a 256GB SSD for serious use  and while it is strictly very possible to add extra capacity via a microSD card, it’s excruciatingly slow compared to real SSD storage so the price falls at £639 for 64 GB and £1,1649 for 512 GB .Here we will stop for today till next time.

One Detail on Top 10 emerging technologies of 2015

Last week we gave out the list of Top 10 emerging technologies of 2015 and this week we are going to be giving you all the details you need to know about the previous post. And here we start. 1. Distributed manufacturing: This particular One, is a show case that shows us the way we make and distribute products. In the very first step of manufacturing, raw materials are brought together, assembled and then past to the large centralized factories where they are fabricated into identical finished products that are then distributed to the customer. In essence, the aim of distributed manufacturing is to replace as much of the material supply chain as possible with digital information.Eg.when a chair is to be manufactured, instead of sourcing wood and fabricating it into chairs in a central factory,we can use digital plans for cutting the parts of a chair just by distributing digital plans for cutting the parts of a chair to the local manufacturing hubs using a computerized cutting tools known as CNC routers. The parts can then be assembled by the consumer or by local fabrication workshops that can turn them into finished products. One company that is already using this model is the US furniture company AtFAB. Current uses of distributed manufacturing depends much on the DIY “maker movement”, in which enthusiasts use their own local 3D printers and make products out of local materials. There are elements of open-source thinking here, in that consumers can customize products to their own needs and preferences. Instead of being centrally driven, the creative design element can be more crowdsourced; products may take on an evolutionary character as more people get involved in visualizing and producing them. Distributed manufacturing is in many cases having the objective to enable a more efficient use of resources, with less wasted capacity in centralized factories. It also reduces the barriers to market entry by reducing the amount of capital required to build the first prototypes and products.one Important thing which is expected of it,is that it should reduce the overall environmental impact of manufacturing: digital information is shipped over the web rather than physical products over roads or rails, or on ships; and raw materials are sourced locally, further reducing the amount of energy required for transportation. By the time it becomes more widespread, distributed manufacturing will disrupt traditional labour markets and the economics of traditional manufacturing. It does pose risks: it may be more difficult to regulate and control remotely manufactured medical devices, for example, while products such as weapons may be illegal or dangerous. Actually everything can be made via distributed manufacturing, and traditional manufacturing and supply chains will still have to be maintained for many of the most important and complex consumer goods. Distributed manufacturing may support broader diversity in objects that are in these days standardized,Example of such are smartphones and automobiles. Scale is no object: one UK company, Facit Homes, uses personalized designs and 3D printing to create customized houses to suit the consumer. Product features will evolve to serve different markets and geographies, and there will be a fast proliferation of goods and services to regions of the world not presently well served by traditional manufacturing.
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The Top Google Secret and Tricks in Google Searches for 2015

Google Search engine is of no doubt much more than a search engine.For the fact that google helps you in finding your best results in the web that’s why google search website is one of the best search engine in the world. Below we are giving you the best of some secrets of google, easter eggs of google, google tricks searches, google games in searches, google cards and many more. And below here we start  
1. Google helps you in suggesting right keywords. your web browser address bar to prove http://lmgtfy.com/?q=set+timer+1+minutes

2. You can use Google as a Timer. For example you can copy and past the link below on your web browser address bar to prove http://lmgtfy.com/?q=set+timer+1+minutes 3. Google Compare two Foods you have the link here http://lmgtfy.com/?q=burger+vs+pizza
4.It converts for you the inches to cm. you have the link to prove it here http://lmgtfy.com/?q=1m+into+cm 
  5. It will give you the exact time of Sunrise and sunset for any city. you have the link here http://lmgtfy.com/?q=sunset+%20sunrise+kanpur

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Three Best Laptops to Buy in 2015

This is a continuation of Five Best Laptop to Buy in 2015 So below we go...
. 1. Toshiba Satellite CL10-B: Can we ever say that a Chromebook not a Chromebook? When it runs Windows 8.1 with Bing, that's when. Toshiba's £199 laptop is no powerhouse, and just like Google's Chromebook fleet it's equipped with a minor 32GB of eMMC (which is similar to an SSD, but some how slower) storage, never the less it also comes bundled with a full two-year subscription to 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage. As a basic laptop designed for everyday use, it's an attractive proposition. The all-plastic chassis looks and make one to fell nice and happy, and while the 11.6in 1,366 x 768 display is hardly the last word in quality, it's plenty bright enough for use while out and about. Battery life is good, too, and the Bay Trail Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM give just enough to keep Windows 8.1 feeling responsive. For kids, students or just anyone after a cheap ultraportable, the Toshiba is well worth to be considered.
 2. Asus Transformer Book T200TA: This variant is a big brother to the 10.1in Transformer Book T100, the T200TA sees Asus deliver yet another cracking budget Windows 8.1 hybrid. The free copy of Microsoft Office has fallen by the wayside, but the bigger 11.6in IPS screen, Windows 8.1 and Intel's capable quad-core Atom processor make a fantastic all-round partnership. The larger keyboard and display make the T200TA far more usable and desirable as an everyday laptop than the so called dinky T100, but although both RAM and overall power are limited, the keyboard dock adds a generous 500GB hard disk for storing movies, music and oodles of everyday data and documents. If there is any unique thing we could find from it, then we will like to point the our finger at the spongy keyboard and overall weight - at 1.64kg, the T200TA is a little portly - but it price lands at £350, we are very worried to forgive the T200TA. At this price, it's a cracker at his time.  
3. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 (11 inch): This one in particular was one of the first manufacturers to produce a convincing and impressing Windows 8 hybrid with its folding Yoga concept, and the IdeaPad Yoga 2 is its cheapest model till date. With a 11.6in touchscreen, it bargains again the design of the £1,099 IdeaPad Yoga 11S, but breaks the price with a quad-core Pentium processor. It is a intelligently crafted 11.6in hybrid with a gorgeous display and a well-judged specification for a very reasonable price amounting to £500.

Details on The 4 Best New Phones You Have to be Excited for in 2015 Part2

This is a continuation of Details on The 4 Best New Phones You Have to be Excited for in 2015 Part1 So here below we go!!!!!!!
1. iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s This variant were released in September, and in the months leading up to that the rumour mill went mental. Now you will have to get prepared for more of the same with the iPhone 7, which will launch in September 2015 running iOS 9. As always as the case is, we're expecting a faster processor and some upgraded specs, but little change to the design. be in Notice that it will probably be called the iPhone 6s rather than iPhone 7, but we are just using iPhone 7 as a name sake presently.
2. Microsoft Lumia 940 Some parts of the reason that makes us to be so excited about the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 is that it will be one of the first handsets to run full Windows 10 - Microsoft is to finish with the Windows Phone apps problem by running one OS across phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. The Lumia 940 has the most solid spec of any Windows Phone we have ever seen . Microsoft is holding an event at MWC in March, but that's probably too early to see a Windows 10-powered with Microsoft Lumia 940. 3.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Almost everyone always likes bangs on about Samsung's Galaxy S line-up, but it's the Note series that really impresses one. The Note 4 was unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event prior to September's IFA tradeshow (that means 3 September 2014), and right now settles at the top of our fastest smartphone and best phablet charts. Like the new iPhone the Note 5 is not going to be released until September 2015, but it's going to be well worth the wait for.  
4.new Nexus 6 2015 In the year 2012 we had the Nexus 4, then in 2013 we had the Nexus 5 and, on 15 of October 2014, the Nexus 6 were in place. So there is no possibility for we to get a new Nexus 7, since that's already a tablet, so what we are to do is to get a new Nexus 6 in 2015. It's likely that it runs Android M, and be released in October 2015 and to be on sale on November 2015 . Where by Google offered flagship specs with mid-range prices for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 is some how more expensive at £499. We are at this time hoping that Google will go back to its excellent-value roots with the new Nexus 6 2015, but we'll bring you all the rumours as we get them together.

1 More Best New Business IdeasYou Need to Know in 2015

This is the final part of the 5 More Best New Business Ideas You Need to Know in 2015 And below you have it. Kid-Friendly Apps Just as we all know,kids are our future customers so gaining their loyalty now is not of any bad idea. In the 10th annual trends report, THE FUTURE 100, which points at the big and small trends to watch this coming year, JWT Intelligence views the connectivity of kids as a big trend for 2015. According to Common Sense Media, three-quarters of kids have access to any mobile device. This puts a big business opportunity for anyone in place, who can create products or design apps just for kids to use. And, if they also happen to be educational or promotes good health, you will win their parents over and over again.

Lagos airport noted an increased passenger traffic

On Thursday being the 26 march 2015 there came up a noticeable increase in activities at the different terminals of the Lagos airport as passengers were seen scrambling for flight tickets to various destinations within and outside the country "Nigeria". The development was connected to the presidential election, which is coming up nationwide on Saturday, although some passengers denied this, saying that they were travelling for normal business activities. At the departure hall of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, many passengers were seen also waiting for their flights to be called. A strong presence of security personnel was also observed at the terminals. Most of the passengers, who spoke to our correspondent, in any case, denied leaving the country because of the elections, while some of them said that they had fixed their trips abroad before the change in the election date from February 14 to March 28. Mr. Julius Ikedi, who was heading for Johannesburg, South Africa, said he was embarking on a business trip, saying in addition that he would be back before the governorship election. He said, “No, I can not away from my country to another country because of elections in Nigeria. Where will I run to? having my whole family is in the country; if actually I was running, I would have gone with my wife and children. “I am just going for a routine business trip and will be back within a fortnight; that is before the governorship election, he said. It is rather unfortunate that I will not be able to vote in the presidential election, but this trip had been fixed long before the postponement from the earlier dates fixed for the elections.” Another passenger, Mr. Johnson Umoh, who was to travel to the United Kingdom through Istanbul, Turkey, told our correspondent that he was a frequent traveller and was embarking on normal business activitie He said, “I travel every two months; I was in the UK in January; my journey has absolutely nothing to do with the elections, it is my normal business that I am going for.“I am just very grateful that the Federal Government has decided not to close the airspace, because I would have find it very difficult in trying to reschedule this trip.” A statement from the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency on Thursday proved that even though the land and sea borders had been closed, the airspace remained open. He said that, “NAMA hereby wishes to reassure all airspace users and the general public that the Nigerian airspace remains open and safe for air travel before, during and after the general elections. “The agency has therefore made available all the necessary measures to creat a safe flight operations within the period.” A flight official with Etihad Airline said she did not observed the crowd at the airport to be unusual. The Chief Executive Officer, Gadeshire Travel and Tours, Mr. Gbenga Adebayo, said it was not okay to relate the increased activities at the airports to the upcoming elections. He further said, “Of course, the rise in the value of the dollar as against the naira has affected many people, so as in respect of that, you won’t just expect that people will just spend money to buy seats for foreign trips just because of the elections, it is not likely to be so. “From what we have observed, I can assume it be that there has been more activities in the local travel industry as against the international, and that is understandable at this period of time.” At the MMA 2 terminal, there was a copetetion for tickets to different local destinations as most airlines were fully booked. Some of the passengers who spoke to our correspondent said that they were travelling to their villages where they registered so that they will have the chance to cast their votes, while others said they were having the Easter break in early time.

Learning how to manage retail business more profitably

For those of you who are interested in operating a personal business, the retail industry over the years has made an opportunity present for you, as a result, it has experienced tremendous boost with increasing investment and abundant jobs being created in the sector. This magnitude of growth, according to experts is expected to continue as other business areas keep arising in the sector. The change which has come up in the business landscape in the country is favourable to some people who are aware of the opportunities it presents while others, who are in short of unawares, are struggling to ensure their enterprise survives. According to the observations from the experts, the expanding online retail market is gradually reducing the market share of other petty retail traders in the country. An increase in the middle class in Nigeria which is amounting to 23 million people, firmed at the estimation of 5.7 individuals per household report by the National Bureau of Statistics, are demanding some better and improved services, equivalent to those in developing economies of our current world. Experts now urged retailers that they should pay attention to the types of products offered for sale, how they can best present these products to consumers, and also determine what is a reasonable retail price per each unit sold. Because they observed that retailers have traditionally engaged in the task of selling in a physical location but the Internet has now made it possible to apply the same basic principles in a virtual setting also. Now here are the things we are giving into consideration  
1.Establish relationship with suppliers The first and most important step in retail processing is to establish a working relationships with manufacturers who will provide the goods or services that are ultimately sold by the retailer. Experts fished out that having a client from whom wholesale products will be procured so, you are to ensure that they are available at reasonable prices. Considering the wisegeek, depending on the number of units the retailer can afford to purchase at a given time, it may be alike to find it easy to obtain a discounted unit price, making it easier for the retailer to be competitive in the local marketplaces. According to them they said this type of retail buying involves determining what products will be carried in the retail establishment, making agreement on the unit price that will be charged by the manufacturer, and making arrangement for the delivery of those goods. 
2. Determine the price: So at this point once the goods are secured, the retailer must prove the unit price that he or she will lay to the products. Experts observed that in some cases, the retail price will be higher than the cost of purchasing the goods from the supplier. And as a result of this difference between the wholesale price and the retail price that gives chance for the retailer to make a profit and remain in the business. They also added that using devices like display windows, elevated platforms, and colourful backdrops to attract the attention of shoppers; the retailer rises his/her chances of selling units quickly. They reported that setup and display are in most of the time considered especially important with fashion merchandising and similar retail settings, in that the visual display is often the major means of attracting customers who are highly willing to make a purchase.
3. Make it easier for customers to buy Mr. Niyi Ayodele,a business consultant, made it known that even though the country is lacking behind in the adoption of mobile money technology, some business owners who have created a niche for themselves in that area are really making it. Based on what he said , the mobile money technology is a big opportunity for information technology firms to be globally relevant and be at par with their counterparts everywhere provided that they meet the target of providing a flexible and acceptable fraud-free methods of payment. As the case may be, the fear of online fraud has made most buyers not to give out their cash on delivery options. Following his statement , embracing this technology will make it easy for buyers to purchase items any time any where and overcoming the distance involved on buying will make it faster than expected for customers.  
4.Get the marketing right Experts gave out suggestions that engaging in a publicity campaign to reach prospective customers is another way to boost the business. They said that this may involve simple advertisement in local publications as well as electronic advertisements on local radio and television stations. Key benefits for the success of the business, according to experts include high quality products; this will ensure that the customer will return for more purchases in the future. Altogether with the quality, the retailer must also sell the products at prices the consumer finds reasonable and affordable. By providing quality products at affordable prices, the retailer has a much better chance of standing out from the competition and remaining in business for many years as he/she feels like to stay in it.  
5.Identify your competitive advantage After you have had a good and pretty understanding of the market, experts said the determinants of your profitability depends on your understanding of the rules of competition within the industry.

List of Top 10 emerging technologies of 2015

Technology is without doubt the greatest agent of change in the modern world. While never without risk, technological success gives a promise of innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time. From zero-emission cars fuelled by hydrogen to computer chips modelled on the human brain, this year’s 10 emerging technologies offer a vivid glimpse of the power of innovation to take lives to a higher level, transform industries and safeguard our planet Earth. In order to compile this list, the World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies, a panel of 18 experts, joins hand together on the collective expertise of the Forum’s communities to fish out the most important recent technological trends. By doing so, the Meta-Council had the objective of raising awareness of their potential and contribute to the closing of the gaps in the investment. And below today are going to give you the list only so in later time you will have the details.So enjoy as you read.
 1. Distributed manufacturing
 2. ‘Sense and avoid’ drones
 3. Neuromorphic technology
 4. Digital genome
 5. Fuel cell vehicles
 6. Next-generation robotics
 7. Recyclable thermoset plastics
 8. Precise genetic engineering techniques 
9. Additive manufacturing
 10. Emergent artificial intelligence

4 good technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years

As computational strength rises exponentially, not linearly, so also does the rate of change, and so taking that into consideration means that in the the next 10 years there should be some packs in far more technological change than ever before. So with that we have put hands together to get you some of the technologies which we believe could bring more change to the world in the next 10years. And here today we are going to reveal to you about four of them,so enjoy as you read. 
1. The Internet as a stand out We have passed and we are still in the world where more things are connected to the Internet than people. The transition to IPv6 also supports seemingly limitless connectivity. Cisco IBSG forecasts the number of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion by 2020, which amount to more than six devices for every person on Earth. Many of us in the developed world already have three or more full-time devices connected to the Internet when factoring in PCs, smartphones, tablets, television devices and other related things like that. Next up are sensor networks, using low-power sensors that "collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data on a massive scale," reports Evans. Such sensors, firmly based on standards like Zigbee, 6LoWPAN and Z-wave, are currently being used in both predictable and surprising ways. Zigbee is being embedded in smart appliances and smart meters. 6LoWPAN (over IPv6) is used by Vint Cerf for his wine cellar climate-monitoring system. Z-Wave is the basis for Verizon's smart home automation service. But thinking on more creative uses are emergined, too. Sparked, a Dutch startup, implants sensors in the ears of cattle to monitor cows' health and whereabouts. Sensors are being in built in shoes, medicine such like asthma inhalers, and medical exploratory surgery devices. There's even a tree in Sweden wired with sensors that tweets its mood and thoughts, with a bit of translation aid from an interpretive engine developed by Ericsson.
  2. Not just Big Data, but a zettaflood: Upto 5 exabytes of out satnding information were created in 2008. Which is amounting to 1 billion DVDs. Fast forward three years and we are creating 1.2 zettabytes, with one zettabyte equal to 1,024 exabytes. "This is the same as every person on Earth tweeting for 100 years, or 125 million years of your favorite one-hour TV show," says Evans. Our passion/love of high-definition video accounts for much of the increase. By Cisco's count, 91% of Internet data in 2015 will be video. Much of Cisco's development focus (if its marketing is excluded) preaches that the so-called "zettaflood" will require a wide improved networks to move more data, and not drop the ball (or let call it the packets) of our beloved video.
 3. The next 'Net: Evans further talks about his home as an example of the speed of network improvements. Network performance has rised by 170,000 times since 1990, when he had just only one telnet connection. But today, Evans has 38 always-on connections and more than 50Mbps of bandwidth, enough for telepresence, streaming movies and online games at the same time. Over the next 10 years, he expects the speed to his home to be increased by 3 million times. While most of the industry is paying their attention on 40G and 100G, whole new forms of networks are also being created. Vint Cerf discusses the new protocols needed to build an interplanetary network, which can send data vast distances without being disturbed by latency. Evans notes that multiterabit networks using lasers are being explored. And early work is happening on a concept called "quantum networking," based on quantum physics. This is associated with "quantum entanglement" in which two particles are entangled after which they can be separated by any distance, and when one is changed, the other is also instantly changed. Production quantum networks are likely decades in the future to come.  
5. The world gets smaller: Been always-on connectivity, social networking has the power to change cultures, as we observed in the Egyptian Revolution, which led to the Arab Spring. Social influences will continue to move fast between cultures. A smaller world also is defined to be faster information dissemination. "Tweets from people in Japan during the recent earthquake were sent to followers even before the U.S. Geological Survey could issue its official tsunami warning to Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California," Evans reported. The capture, dissemination and consumption of events are going from "near time" to "real time." This in return will drive more rapid influence among cultures as time goes on.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Details on The 4 Best New Phones You Have to be Excited for in 2015 Part1

This is a continuation of the part3 And so below we go...
1. HTC One M9 Plus / Prime / Ultra: Coming alongside the HTC One M9 is believed to be a 5.5in-screen phablet version known as the HTC One M9 Plus or HTC One M9 Ultra. In exclusion, not exactly alongside - we'll likely be waiting until September for this type. If the rumours are true, the HTC One M9 Ultra / Plus will pack a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM. It will also come along with a fingerprint scanner.  
2.Sony Xperia Z4: Sony has Systematically updated its flagship handsets and the updates comes life in every six months, usually at IFA in September and MWC in March. Well not any more the Sony Xperia Z4 was a no-show at MWC 2015. Many of the rumours suggest the phone will tie in with the new James Bond movie, with actor Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes expected to be involved in its design. But a trusted source told us it heard from an accessories supplier that we are to see the Sony Xperia Z4 unveiled in September, which more than likely means this phone will be announced at IFA 2015. Rumour has it that it will be a super-fast Android Lollipop smartphone with an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, potentially 4GB of RAM and a Quad HD screen lets move ahead.  
3.LG G4: As at 2014 the LG G3 was the very best phone you can buy. Things can only get better with the LG G4. The LG G3 was officially released in the UK at the end of June 2014. We've heard of rumours that the LG G4 will arrive in April, but it should certainly be on board by the summer. 
 4.LG G Flex 2: The G4 isn't LG's only exciting and pretty new smartphone for 2015. At CES 2015 it unveiled the G Flex 2, a curved-screen handset. The G Flex 2 is a 5.5in-screen smartphone with a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core chip, and it comes with some special features like self-healing technology

5 More Best New Business IdeasYou Need to Know in 2015

This is a continuation of the three best new business idea you need to have in 2015 part3 So we are continuing below.
1. Freelancing: Companies are on daily bases increasing in turning to freelance and contract workers to fill the skill gaps in their staff. It's not difficult to reason it that you could build a whole company around providing freelance services of one sort or another. According to Freelancer.com, which listed out more than a million freelance projects on its site, the most in-demand freelance services are: data entry, academic writing, Excel projects, data processing, Web search and Facebook-based jobs. Hourly rates start at $30 an hour and moved into the hundreds.
2. Food Truck: We plused this on our list of business ideas for foodies, and for some good reasons: a December 2012 study by Intuit and Emergent Research predicted that revenue from the food truck industry will reach $2.7 billion by 2017. A truck is a much less expensive investment than a brick-and-mortar restaurant and, according to Mobi Munch founder Josh Tang, the failure rate for food trucks is about 10 to 20 percent as opposed to 60 to 90 percent for restaurants. With the right equipment and some great recipes, you could have your mobile eatery up and running in a very short time.  
3.Healthcare Consulting :The bringing together of aging baby boomers and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act means that the healthcare industry will in a fast rate continue to expand… and change. So you as an independent healthcare consultant, you can give out management and data analysis for organizations like hospitals, labs and therapist offices to help apply solutions to improve efficiency and/or save money. This is a great opportunity to put that marketing or economics degree into use.  
4.Recycling pickup : Many among the homeowners have pick-up bins for standard recyclables such as paper, glass and plastic, but they in many cases don't make the effort to properly recycle electronics and batteries, which can be extremely be so harmful to the environment when left in landfills. So when you offer to pick up all the e-waste that is to be collecting in their garages — old televisions, broken laptops, defunct cellphones — and bring them to your local electronic recycling facility.Then the charge per item, by weight, or a flat fee plus travel to and from the location might earn you a good amount.  
5.Software trainer: Let say for instance you're proficient in a highly specialized software, and you can get paid to pass your knowledge on to amateurs and professionals looking to expand their skill sets, ok. Technical manuals are available for programs like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro, but these are in most cases expensive and difficult for tan average user to get through. Schedule a small group workshops or private sessions, and charge them by the hour for a full tutorial of the program. The most pretty part of this gig is that it can be done part time.

Nigerian maritime graduates excel in Egypt and UK

The Director-General,of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, Dr. Ziakede Akpobolokemi, reported that some Nigerian graduates of maritime institutions in Egypt and the United Kingdom made top grades in their final examinations. He stated this at a reception hosted in their honour by the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum in Lagos state Nigeria. A statement to The PUNCH said the graduates were beneficiaries of the Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme, an initiative of NIMASA. Akpobolokemi said, “The graduates have at this time him proud; scores of them made top grades at the final examinations in Egypt and the United Kingdom. This will help the motivation and continuation of the scheme. “We give an appreciation of thanks to the President for his support in making sure that this programme was a successful one and for keeping us on our toes in the discharge of our duties in NIMASA to realise the main purpose.” Earlier,the mr President, (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) who was also at the reception also had praised the students for their performance and encouraged them to exhibit professionalism in future endeavours. He also put them in mind of the vision of NIMASA’s management at making sure that the placement of the young Nigerians in reputable maritime institutions across the globe. he said, “Human capacity development for young Nigerians is very important to the growth and development of the country and as such no effort will be left over at making sure the NSDP and similar programmes are been kept. “As a country, if you must prepare for the future of the country,then you must invest in the youth. You must also exhibit great professionalism when taking on the global challenges in the maritime sector after the completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps which you are currently undertaking now.” The graduates show cased their appreciation to NIMASA for the opportunity given to them and promised that the enormous resources expended by the government towards the successful completion of their programmes would not be wasted one. Speaking on behalf of the NSDP graduates, Raphael Faboro, said, “I will like to appreciate the President for making it possible for us to have a good future. Sir, you have given us a good opportunity and as professionals in the maritime sector, we are ready to take on the world.” The beneficiaries of the NSDP graduated from the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt and the South Tyneside College, New Castle, United Kingdom

The Microsoft Is Developing Software That Converts Android Phones To Windows 10

Microsoft recently dropped an interesting piece of information to prove its confirmation that Windows 10 will go on sale this summer. Closely to the end of its announcements, the Redmond-based company casually uncovered that it is testing Windows 10 with “power users” of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 4 Android smartphone. The initiative, which Xiaomi stressed is not a partnership but a minor assistance with the trial, is an interesting one because it once more shows Microsoft’s new ‘platform agnostic’ approach. Neither Microsoft nor Xiaomi provided specific details of the Windows 10 software being trialled, but TechCrunch understands from sources that it effectively overrides Android, turning the Xiaomi phone into a Windows 10 device complete with Microsoft services. (Which the company hopes will dazzle Android owners into making the switch.) That’s to say that the software doesn’t offer a dual boot option, which Microsoft has pushed in the past in India. This is a ROM, based on Windows, that operates much like software from Cyanogen — a company Microsoft was incorrectly linked with an investment in — and other custom ROMs developed by the likes of Tencent and Baidu in China. The ROM is thus designed to go beyond Microsoft’s Android apps and offer a native-like Windows experience on Android phones. Looking on that it's a pretty powerful concept, and there is nothing to be surprise about to see Microsoft testing it in China, where consumers are more inclined to install ROMs. There’s a very high spirit of customization in China, most especially for Android users since third-party app stores are the norm as Google Play is seriously restricted there. Microsoft, to say actually, has some very huge plans to make this software available on more devices in time to come. The company told The Next Web that full availability will be announced soon (update: full statement below), but it is starting out with Xiaomi — almost certainly because it has a great community of users who provide feedback on the company’s weekly software updates. Xiaomi’s receptive audience is ideal for such a pilot. one good idea though it may be, getting adoption for an Android ROM in China is not that easy thing. Just ask Baidu, which recently shuttered its Android software efforts due to low interest that’s despite the company’s vast reach and distribution potential as ‘China’s Google’. As the case of Xiaomi, people are usually quick to rush to the idea that it is at odds with Google since it doesn’t offer the U.S. company’s services on its MIUI platform in China. Xiaomi’s emphatic comment that its involvement in Windows 10 is not a partnership joind together with Hugo Barra’s recent explanation that it is not pushing its suite of services to users outside of China — gives an idea that this is not tactical; Xiaomi is just giving it users another ROM to practice with. The news could be taken in a cynical way in the U.S. where what’s exactly good for the users is often convenient because it’s good for the business also but Xiaomi really has cultivated and a sizable and trusted community, so we’re convinced to believe its rhetoric on this occasion now.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Five Best Laptops to Buy in 2015

From the cheap laptops to high-end hybrids, the explosion of many types of different-shaped Windows devices means that there's a dizzying amount of choice out there. So fear not, although. We have checked thousands of laptops, tablets and hybrids for the past 20 years of PC Pro, so if you are one who finds himself in the market by any means for a new machine, then just have it in mind that we know what you are to look for. Read on for our definitive list of the best laptops that your money can buy in 2015.So here we go! 
1. Asus X552C 
With no doubt we can boldly say that Asus knows how to build a brilliant cut-price laptop – take a look at its 11.6in VivoBook X200CA and 10.1in Transformer Book T100 if you don’t believe us. But its X552CL takes on the challenge of putting together a more powerful 15.6in system while still managing to bring down the cost. With a Core i5 processor, Nvidia graphics and a sensible range of features for £400, it looks like Asus has got it right once more again.
 2. Asus Zenbook UX303LA 
The Asus Zenbook UX303LA symbolizes a successful debut for Intel's full-powered Broadwell CPUs. It houses a dual-core, 2.4GHz Core i7-5500U, 6GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, and while the performance is not a leap forward, the efficiency of the new chip is higly efficient. The UX303LA lasted a hugely impressive for a period worthing upto 13hrs 6mins in our our light-use battery tests. It also has an excellent and out standing 13.3in Full HD screen and a decent keyboard, a lovely design and a very tempting price of just as little as £700 inc VAT. Not many other laptops can match this machine's all-round appeal and value for money.  
3. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro 
The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga range was the no. one to nail down the hybrid formula, and the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is the best among many . This Ultrabook shares the Yoga family's ability to contort from laptop to tablet and adopt a range of poses in between, but ups the ante with a high-DPI touchscreen and an Intel Haswell CPU. Physically, the Yoga 2 Pro is looks more beautiful than ever, with a slender, more curvy design, and although it has lost weight, it feels stiffer and sturdier. Performance from the Core i5 CPU and 256GB SSD is spritely. Battery life that last for a period of eight hours. The 13.3in, 3,200 x 1,800 display is doubting crisp, too, as well as bright and bold, but the high resolution can cause issues with some software. Such quibbles are easy to overlook, however. At the price of £999 inc VAT, the Yoga 2 Pro delivers cutting-edge hardware for less than any of its rivals it is a very formidable Ultrabook. 
 4. Asus Transformer Book T100 
 Considering a 10.1in tablet with a docking keyboard, the Transformer Book T100 swaps the Android OS of its stablemates for full Windows 8.1 and puts Intel's new Atom platform, Bay Trail, at the helm. Intel's quad-core Atom is two times as fast as the previous generation, and even has a little gaming power at its disposal. The T100 feels nothing like the netbooks of old. The 1,366 x 768 IPS display isn't the brightest out there, but it's wonderful for the money; the compact keyboard turns it into a usable netbook hybrid with a period nine hours of battery life; and there's even a copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 thrown in for free. If ever there should be a bargain to be had, the Asus Transformer Book T100 is the one you start with.The price is about £349.
 5. Apple Macbook Pro 13in with Retina Display 
The latest update on apple to its Retina-equipped MacBook Pro 13in is in all sense the finest laptop that money can buy. It's not as slender as the best Ultrabooks the newly slimmed-down model still weighs 1.55kg and measures 18mm thick – but, gram for gram, it crams in more power and all-round quality than any other laptop you will wish to talk about. The arrival of Intel's Haswell CPUs gives graphics performance a much needed boost which marks a notable weakness to the previous generation, and a battery life which last for morethan 11 hours. In any other place, the Macbook Pro oozes class: the Retina display is stunning, and increased application support finally gives you the chance to start delivering on its potential. Factor in a very welcome price cut, which is around £1,499.

5Best Android Tablet Apps for 2015

Last time we gave you the three out of the eight we have in place for you.  And now, you have the rest of the five below.
 1. SwiftKey Keyboard 
 SwiftKey  Keyboard in particular, is one of the premier third party keyboards on Android. It comes with some themes and you can buy more if you wish to and the predictive text and auto correction are far above average. as the case may be, the big  awesome thing about it is that it comes with not only one, but two keyboard layouts specifically for tablet owners. It’s free to use so it won’t cost you anything to make use of it.
 2. Amazon Kindle 
  Well when we are talking about tablets we can observe that they are best to read books. Many people buy tablet just the sake of  reading books.The Amazon Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader—and you don’t need to own a Kindle to make use it. Choose from over a million Kindle books from the Kindle Store or enjoy a popular magazines like The Economist and Reader’s Digest with high-resolution color pictures.
 3. Dropbox 
 This one in particular is a free service that lets you bring all your docs, photos, and videos anywhere. After you install it on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go. Read your docs or flip through your albums when you’re out and about. Save photos or videos to your Dropbox and share them with friends in just a little tip. Even if you accidentally leave your Android in a taxi, your stuff is always safe on Dropbox is that ok?.  
4. Evernote 
A tablet is an amazing device to keep your notes on and there are fewer better apps to do it than Evernote. It’s great for home, work, and school use and has a rich set of features that are available on multiple platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS. The free version of it is very good to use but still,  if you spring for the premium version, you may actually find some lot of  extra features that you may like as well.
 5. Chrome Browser 
 When we are talking about browsing the web,then you can not do best web surfing without this best browser for android which is the Chrome. With Chrome you browse fast on your Android phone and tablet with the Google Chrome browser, i think you will also love it on your desktop. Get hold of your  other devices where you left them with tab sync, search by voice, and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing the web.

Skye Bank issues N100bn commercial paper this month

The Skye Bank has signed an agreement with Stanbic IBTC Bank and Financial Market Dealers Quotation System to issue a sum of money amounting to N100bn in commercial paper to increase its ability to do more transactions. The first tranche of the transaction is worth of upto N20bn and opens on Monday and closes on Friday. The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Skye Bank, Mr. Timothy Oguntayo, said the bank was taking advantage of the commercial paper window to enlarge the number of instruments on its balance sheet. According to him, the bank is driven “to take advantage of this programme to get a high level of awareness of the availability of this innovative product in the market place and to help achieve investments that are tradable without suffering charges.” A statement by the bank on Tuesday reads that Skye Bank was the second lender to take advantage of the reintroduction of the commercial paper window since 2009 by the Central Bank of Nigeria and FMDQ, and that the present transaction represented only the third since that tme. For a bank to qualify to issue commercial paper, it must be liquid, have a favourable credit rating of not less than B- and must have record giving investors the assurance of its ability to perform, according to Nosakhare Aguebor, an associate at G. Elias and Co. matching with the statement, Skye Bank has investment grade ratings of A- from Global Credit Rating; BBB by Standard and Poor’s; and Bbb by Agusto & Co. Yewande Sadiku, the Chief Executive Officer, StanbicIBTC Capital, explains the look of the deal as a milestone in the history of market innovation in the country and thanked Skye Bank for the opportunity to be involved in the deal. “Skye Bank is making the issue on the back of its strong brand and reputation; experienced and stable management team; good ratings; strong subsidiaries and presence in West Africa; and sound use of proceeds,” a summary of issuance programme stated. The issue, which has StanbicIBTC as agents and adviser, has a 90-day tenor benchmarked against the 91-day Treasury Bill. Minimum subscription to the offer is N5m in multiples of N1,000 and notes may be rediscounted at investors’ option and subject to one week notice. Skye Bank had recently achieved Mainstreet Bank for N126bn in a deal promising to transform it into a tier one bank thanks.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Get Your Free Avira Antivirus Download 2015 Version

Download your free Avira Antivirus here on this blog 2015 version and get your pc or smart phones in a new security outfit. So you follow this link below to download. 

Jonathan promises to eradicate corruption in oil sector, if re-elected

Abuja—President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has promised to take his strength to a greater transparency and eradicate corruption in the nation’s oil sector if his is re-elected. He gave the commitment on Sunday evening in Lagos at a youth event titled “An unimaginable feat in sports” designed to highlight his administration’s achievements in the sports sector. The event which lasted till the early hours of Monday brought together sports men and women, young professionals as well as beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s scholarship schemes among others. According to the him, his administration will work without getting weak to ensure that Nigerians are not stigmatised any where in the world because of corruption, putting in addition that the same way his administration was able to use technology to tackle corruption in many areas such as fertilizer distribution, procurement and salary payment, he will also do so to check corruption in the general the society. “We are moving into the oil sector. People always talk about the oil industry because that is an industry with a lot of people and a lot of money is initiated. But I promise you that in the next four years, we will clean up the oil sector” the president said. The president however talk more on the issue of corruption which was being exaggerated leading to the creation of an impression that the whole country was so corrupt. The President also promised to work with the young people because of his believe that parents who do not encourage young ones are preparing their families for extinction. That all on the news.

Premium Marketing Kit Part2

So you readers, today we are going to talk a little of what you are about to hit.   Here today we will only talk on The
 "Premium Marketing" which includes the following 
 1. Bonus Items: BONUS #1 you will receive unlimited marketing Consulting Service to guide and help you get started and earn more money as you more ahead.
 Marketing Tools: Marketing Tool #1 Download now and Receive templates of graphic and text advertisements. Marketing Tool #2 (This is to be furnished later) get updates and new Marketing Tools that are developed periodically. Marketing Tool #3 ( This is to be furnished each month) you will receive monthly Marketing Tips and Tools Newsletter for 6 months to help you to promote and advertise
. Marketing Tool #4 Instructions are included in this document. you will receive instructions for Fiverr $5 Social Media Marketing Items. Now all you need is to Download the following Marketing Methods now. to download simply go to www.citynation.com/starter3/Basic-DL3.htm Be in notice of this: Items that require your contact information will be updated, and later sent to you. The Marketing Methods Included in this manual : You will be sent the UPDATE version with your contact information after our Consultant phones you. Marketing Method #1 Included in Instructions on the following. 1. you will receive 50 ways and instructions for Facebook marketing. Marketing Method
 #2 Furnished separately Custom design of Flyers here we will stop for today to be continued next time.

3 New Best Business Ideas You Need to Have In 2015 Part3

If you have found this blog to be loaded either on your pc or smart phone so you get to read this article i think you will see how much helpful it will be to you. And if you are one who appreciates, then i will believe that you will drop your thanks here via comment.So we are continuing in giving you more below. 1.Employee-monitoring services 
Employees are very increasingly mobile. In a short statement, it is estimated there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers in 2015. So to you, how are employers supposed to keep in monitor of what their workers are doing? The answer provides myriad business opportunities for entrepreneurs. One company, Exaktime, in this recent time debuted a mobile time clock. There are also vehicle-tracking time clocks and time-clock apps. But employers often don't have the staff or the time to manage all this new data and distill it to what is needed for payroll and billing. The suitable company that could provide employee-monitoring services, in addition with some additional outsourced human resources functions, would be in great demand right now. 2.Translator 
There's no doubt that the global marketplace is growing and reaching beyond the borders of China and Mexico. All that cross cultural communication is creating an expanding need for translators, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, the hiring of interpreters and translators is fixed to grow 46 percent from 2012 to 2022, much quicker than the average for all occupations. This translates into a big business opportunity for entrepreneurs who can bring foreign-language speakers together with businesses that are in need.
 3.Mobile consulting 
Is been said before now, but it has a repeating voice that the mobile is now a non-negotiable for almost any business. Finding ways to go mobile is a challenge for many business owners. If for example your company can provide affordable mobile solutions to businesses that need them you'll find mobile consulting a very out standing business opportunity. According to Jamie Turner, founder of a company called "The 60-Second Marketer," there will be an ongoing need for mobile assistance. "Research from the 60-Second Marketer shows that there are more people on the planet who have a mobile device than who own a toothbrush," said Turner, who joined hand in writen the book "Go Mobile" (Wiley, January 2012) with Jeanne Hopkins. "So it's safe to say that your prospects are using mobile. So in case you're in a business, it's your job to be where your prospects are. Your prospects are in mobile right now." So join them. We are stopping here today till the next time.

Details on The 3 Best New Phones You Have to be Excited for in 2015 Part2

We are very grateful for those of you who afford their good time to read the last article we posted on this topic. So without wasting our time we are continuing below. 1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
Still another rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 variant, the Active is believed to be a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's a credible theory, in prove that the Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer features waterproofing. Plus, with an S4 Active and S5 Active before it, we could clearly see an S6 Active, but probably not until the summer this year. 2. Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung has proven its Galaxy A7, a gorgeous phablet with a 6.3mm unibody metal chassis, a 5.5in Super AMOLED screen and a 64-bit octa-core processor. The Samsung Galaxy A7 is not corrently on sale on the UK, but will come in both single- and dual-SIM variants as we are believing it. 3. HTC One M9
Ok. In this case we are massive fans of the HTC One M8, and the HTC One M9 is even better. Although HTC has kept the full-HD screen rather than the quad-HD screens seen in the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the HTC One M9 is a more attractive phone with some impressive performance. The phone will be on sale in the UK on 31 March 2015. You can order it advance now from EE, which also has the exclusive on the gold edition. HTC is given it out on sale from the One M9 direct for a price landing at £579 SIM-free, which makes it £20 cheaper than its rival the Samsung Galaxy S6 ok, we are stopping here today bye.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts For 2015

As we all know Keyboard Shortcuts are the things which we all prefer more while working on our computers. because, it saves our time and make many work to be in place just by using keyboard. Therefore, today we have got the complete list of windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts which are going to be really very useful to you. And so here we are starting with the little out of the much we have in box for you. So we go below 

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for 2015 (Ease of Access Keyboard Shortcuts)    
  1.Shift five times = Turn Sticky Keys on or off 
 2.Num Lock for five seconds = Turn Toggle Keys on or off 
 3.Windows logo key + U = Open the Ease of Access Center 
 4.Left Alt + Left Shift + PrtScn (or PrtScn) = Turn High Contrast on or off 
 5.Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock = Turn Mouse Keys or turns off
 Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for 2015 (General Keyboard Shortcuts) 

1.Ctrl + any arrow key + Spacebar = Select multiple individual items in a window or on the desktop 
2.Ctrl + A = Select all items in a document or window 
3. F3: Search for a file or folder Alt + Enter = Display properties for the selected item 
4.Alt + F4:=Close the active item, or exit the active program Alt + Spacebar: Open the shortcut menu for the active window 
5. Ctrl + F4 = Close the active document (in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously) 
6. Alt + Tab:= Switch between open items
 7.Ctrl + Alt + Tab = Use the arrow keys to switch between open items 
8.Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel = Change the size of icons on the desktop
9. Windows logo key + Tab = Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D Ctrl+ 10.Windows logo key + Tab = Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero 11.Flip 3-D Alt + Esc = Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened 
12.F6 = Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
13. F4 =  Display the address bar list in Windows Explorer 
14.Shift + F10 = Display the shortcut menu for the selected item 
15.Ctrl + Esc = Open the Start menu 
16.Alt + underlined letter = Display the corresponding menu Alt + underlined letter: Perform the menu command (or other underlined command) 
17.F10 = Activate the menu bar in the active program Right Arrow: Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu Left Arrow: Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu 
18.F5 (or Ctrl + R): Refresh the active window
19 Alt + Up Arrow = View the folder one level up in Windows Explorer Esc: Cancel the current task
20 Ctrl + Shift + Esc =  Open Task Manager Shift when you insert a CD: Prevent the CD from automatically playing 
21.Left Alt + Shift =  Switch the input language when multiple input languages are enabled 
22.Ctrl + ShiftL = Switch the keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are enabled 
23.Right or Left Ctrl + Shift = Change the reading direction of text in right-to-left reading languages
 24.F1= Display Help Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert): Copy the selected item 
25.Ctrl + X = Cut the selected item Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert): Paste the selected item
26. Ctrl + Z= Undo an action Ctrl + Y = Redo an action Delete or Ctrl + D =Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin Shift + Delete =Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first 27.F2 = Rename the selected item Ctrl + Right Arrow = Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word Ctrl + Left Arrow = Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word Ctrl + Down Arrow  = Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph Ctrl + Up Arrow = Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key = Select a block of text Shift + any arrow key = Chooses more than an item in a window or on the desktop, or chooses text within a  document we are stoping here today the rest will be on the next post.

3 Best Android Tablet Apps for 2015

Let say for example supposing you own a high end performance tablet this year and the apps suggested from play store to your tablet are nearly same with the other tablet with low performance. So, then you have to know those best android tablet apps in 2015 that is in the play store which matches your tablet, then that can be a of great user experience to you. And so here on this blog we will help you to get the best of the 2015 apps for you.And below we go. 1. ES File Explorer The ES File Explorer File Manager helps you to get all your files in line, both on the device & on the cloud. in addition, it serves as a download manager and task killer as well. Browsing through the files stored on your PC from your Android tablet, it is now easy, you can now watch or stream videos from your PC to your tablet. The ES file explorer file manager will let you to do this. All you need to do is to Connect your tablet and PC to same WiFi network, then open the App and Tap on LAN then there you go. 2. Autodesk Pixlr Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is a playful and powerful photo editor that enables you to quickly crop, rotate, and fine-tune any picture, all in a completely free ad experience. Choosen from over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and borders to further personalize your image. Pixlr causes you to look like a pro, even if you’ve at any time edited a photo before. Mx Player This partic Player is the media player that can handle everything you throw at it. It is not only the best android video palyer but also the one of best android tablet apps 2015 to must have on your tab.It is capable of handling any sort of video, audio, and media file including DVD ISOs. It is the best video player app for android.Comes up with hardware Hardware accleration,Pinch to zoom,Subtitle gestures,Kids lock and many more features !!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Nigerian soldiers are afraid to occupy recaptured Boko Haram towns

Chadian and Nigerien troops who are fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East are begging their Nigerian counterparts to take over towns recaptured from the terrorist group . Nigerian authorities had reported that troops had recaptured all towns occupied by members of the terrorist group in Yobe and Adamawa states, remaining just only Borno, which is the last of the three north-eastern states mostly affected by the terrorist insurgency. An information from The New York Times on Friday, entitled ‘Foreign troops beg Nigerian soldiers to take cover of the recaptured towns,’ said foreign troops had led journalists on a tour of the liberated towns without Nigerian troops in present. Chadian authorities were reported to be displeased by “the near-total absence of cooperation from the Nigerians in a crucial regional battle.” The report said Chadian soldiers couldn't understand why they, and not the Nigerians, were holding towns like Damasak, several days after the last Boko Haram fighter has ran away or been killed. The Chadian Foreign Minister, Moussa Faki Mahamat, by name was quoted as saying, “The Nigerian Army has not gotting a mission success in facing Boko Haram. in the occupation of these towns, this is up to Nigeria. My fondest wish is that they take their responsibilities to them selfs. “Our biggest wish is that the Nigerian S soldiers pulls itself together that it takes responsibility in the towns. We are ready to disengage, right away.” Second Lieutenant Hassan of the Chadian Soldiers was noted to have berated the Nigerian troops as failing in their responsibilities. He stated, “We asked them (Nigerian Army) to come, to receive this town from us, but they have not come. The reason is because they are afraid. “We fought on the night of the 14th, and the last attack was on the 15th. We called on them on the 16th and told them to come; they and they never believe we were here. “It is up to them "Nigeria", to hold the town, and not us,” said Lieutenant Hassan, referring to the Nigerians. “Our role is offensive. Our mission is to chase the terrorists away.” The Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, however, reported to our correspondent on the telephone on Saturday that it was not actually true that Nigerian troops were not willing to take over such territories. He said there was no town liberated by the Nigerian troops in the present offensive against the insurgents that was not effectively cleared of terrorists’ presence and there was not an adequate free movement . He said in addition that the contributing nations had warned against “irresponsible” comments involving the operation, pointing that the military would not join issues with any longer. Olukolade said, “It is not true that our soldiers are not willing to occupy such communities. There is no town that our soldiers have set free that is not being well secured and well patrolled at this present time. “We have always warned against unnecessary comments in this hand joint and we are not ready to drag issues with anyone.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Premium Marketing Kit Part1

This ebook is aimed at teaching you multiple ways of making money online and offline. And here, you are going learn all these out listed topics as it is listed below
1. How To Get Started 
2. Building Your JobsNow Recruiter Marketing Team Dealers/Owners 
3. Local Advertising Business
4.Marketing Plan 
5.Text Advertising 
6.55 Facebook Advertising Techniques 
7.50 Free-Classifieds Websites 
8.Fiverr $5 Social Media Marketing Items
9.Flyers,  Business Cards and Promotional Cards 
10. Coupon Advertising Promotions 
11. Pay and Bonus Money
12 Your Big Tax Advantage 
12.Advertise in www.Craigslist.org Website  
13. Marketing Using “Meetup”   
14.Email Marketing 
15. Twitter Marketing Attachments 
16.Flyer - Career Job Training 
17. Recruiter Promotional Cards 
18. Flyers-1, Recruiter-Dealer 
20. Website at www.citynation.com.career/14.htm

3 New Best Business Ideas You Need to Have In 2015 Part2

Yesterday we were able to cover some useful part of this topic. And today we continue here Smartphone repair Smartphones have at this present time become indispensible for both business and personal use. But have you ever tried to get one fixed yourself? It can cost as much to as it does to buy one.But smartphone-repair services have sarted to crop up around the country, but for this present time, this market is widely open. Vending machine business Increasingly, health-conscious and time-strapped Americans are very eager in looking for quick food on the go that is healthier than the soda and chips you usually find in vending machines. This has spawned a whole new industry of health-oriented, out-standing and specialized vending companies that offer franchisees the chance to own and service as few as one or two machines. One of such franchise has had big success putting healthy vending machines in schools, offices, public buildings, etc. Owning a vending-machine business give out franchisees the opportunity to start small and test the waters. Traveling salon As people are living longer, there's an increasing need for senior services of all sorts. And not all are related to health care. One of such service, a mobile salon that travels to customers' residences to do their hair or nails, ther's nothing but great potentials. As aging baby boomers move into the senior citizen category, there will be an increasing need for these mobile services that help keep boomers looking good without requiring them to make a trip to the salon. We will stop here today.

Nigerian government Reduces electricity tariff by 50%

The Nigerian government has promised to reduce the electricity tariffs by half. The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate review of electricity tariffs by 50 per cent. The Chairman of the Commission, Sam Amadi, who broadcasted the review in Abuja, he said that the reduction, which will take effect from the end of March, following the regulatory agency’s decision to set aside the collection losses from customer tariff under the multi-year tariff order. Mr. Amadi said in align with the approval of the multi-year tariff order, MYTO 2.1 in January 1, 2015, the Commission had received several complaints and petitions against the decision, which called for an astronomical increases in tariff across the different consumer categories. He noted particularly the petition by industrial and commercial consumers under the auspices of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, which required a drastic reduction of their tariffs. The two categories of consumers had foresaw the negative impact of their increased tariffs,which they saw that it were threatening their businesses, leading to massive job losses. Following the review of the petitions, Mr. Amadi stated that the Commission conducted public hearings to collect together evidence from all consumer classes on the affordability of the new tariff. In addition, he said the Commission had consulted with the Chief Executive Officers of the Distribution Companies before deciding to intervene by reviewing the tariffs. Besides, the Chairman stated that the Commission also decided to review the technical and financial assumptions of multi-year tariff order 2.1.The reviews, he noted, were in the same line with the provisions of the Electricity Power Sector Reform Act 2005 and the Business Rules of the Commission’s mandate, which gives chance for such a decision on a petition by an interested party within 60 days. He also said that findings from the various reviews showed that the major cause of the spiralling consumer tariffs was the big aggregate technical commercial and collection losses.Some distribution companies have complained that the collection losses, which are moved to consumers, raised the final tariffs by as much as an average of 80 and 103 per cent. “The Commission has been giving ear to consumers’ complaints and taking full account of the impact of the high tariff on consumers and the Nigerian economy,” Mr. Amadi said. “So therefore, the Commission has reviewed the basis of the MYTO 2.1 assumptions and has strongly determined that it is inappropriate to transfer to consumers collection losses that are controllable by the DISCOs (distribution companies),” he made known to the public.