Thursday, 24 November 2016

Google Cast' is being phased out in regard to favor Chromecast for connected TVs and speakers

Starting here now, if you were just getting used to the “Google Cast” name, it’s time to refamiliarize yourself with Chromecast. Google has begun to move away from the ‘Google Cast’ brand for speakers, TVs, and other hardware that supports Google’s casting technology. Instead it’s now promoting the “Chromecast” name, which most consumers are probably more familiar with and more, thanks to the rather successful streaming device. Furthermore, the official Google Cast page also hints at the change, with a notification that Google cast is, “also known as Chromecast built in.” On one level the move makes sense because so many people are familiar with what a Chromecast is. So now, in this move, any television set, pair of speakers, or an Android TV set-top box that supports casting from a mobile device will be easily decipherable. But in any case, the Google Cast name isn’t going to die away entirely. It may still live on as the name of the developer technologies that allow developers to make their apps work with Chromecast.

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