Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Google Play is breaking down on fake reviews and fraudulent installed numbers

Presently, Google is announcing several new steps to ensure that app discovery and ratings can’t be manipulated. So in that process an update to the Android Developers Blog says Google has found some developers trying to game their app placement through fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and other “incentivized ratings.” And now, the company is putting new detection and filtering systems in place to try and put a stop to this. Search quality analyst Kazushi Nagayama and product manager Andrew Ahn penned a joint blog post that warned those caught could be kicked out of the store. If an install is conducted with the intention to manipulate an app’s placement on Google Play, our systems will detect and filter it. In addition to this, developers who continue to exhibit such behaviors could have their apps taken down from Google Play. And in this regard, there shouldn’t be anything noticeably different on your end. App discovery remains a challenge, and we’ll have to see if this smoothes some things out. Developers are also urged to ensure that any third-party company promoting their app also abides by Google’s guidelines.
Important note: So far, finding a good new app remains a challenge, even for a search-focused company like Google. Along the line, it only gets worse if there are numerous developers who aren’t playing by the rules. So such security break downs are necessary from time to time in order to keep everyone honest. Thanks.....

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