Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hangouts provides app shortcuts, other tricks to Android 7.1

The latest update so far to Google’s Hangouts brings the app up to speed with some of the new tricks in Android 7.1. First off you are going to find that app shortcuts are finally here, now, it allows you to leap into a specific action with a long press on the app icon.Also, you can drag one of those onto the home screen for even more rapid access. Furthermore, Hangouts tries to bring better clarity to some of the options for managing your conversations. In the overflow menu People and Options have been broken into two separate sections. The people screen is presently focused on controls for group chat, like adding others to the conversation. The options page focuses on customizing the sounds and letting you archive or skip out on the conversation altogether. And the new tools are coming in version 14 of Hangouts, which you can get from the Play Store or APK Mirror.
Why it is important: Hangouts is pivoting towards the enterprise, with Allo the new consumer-focused messaging solution. But in any case, taking advantage of those Android 7.1 tools is still important, especially for all of those Pixel users out there that want the latest and greatest from Google. Thanks......


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