Monday, 28 November 2016

The five coolest things you can do with Google Home

Before anything is said, I think you should know that the Google Assistant can do everything starting from telling you about the day's weather forecast to streaming video and turning off the lights. So while that is taking, here are the five coolest things you can do with Google Home:
1.Stream music: First here, if nothing else, Google Home makes for an decent speaker. But beside that, it’s a much smarter one than the Bluetooth set of speakers that may reside at the end of your desk. You can use the Google Cast function to stream Play Music, Spotify, or other Cast-enabled apps right to your Home device. Even more better, you don’t have to touch your phone again. Just tap the top of Home to pause, and once again to restart the music.
2.Find your phone: One thing is true here, the power of IFTTT is essential for making your Google Home even more powerful. One of the most practical uses is tracking down your phone if you’ve misplaced it in the house. With this recipe, just tell your Google Home to find your phone and then it will place a phone call. In addition, you’ll need to verify your number and jump through a couple of other steps when you first make the connection. But it’s worth doing, and one of the many clever IFTTT integrations for Google Home.
3.Replace your desktop speakers: So far, Google Cast is currently built directly into the Chrome browser. That integration means you ought to put it to use for your next music section or podcast, particularly if you don’t have that good of a set of speakers. Along the line, when you hit the cast button, look for your Home device (it’s worth giving it a distinct name if you have more than one or numerous Cast-enables hardware).
4.Touch for what you want: As to this regard, you don’t need to only use your voice to control Google Home. The top of your talking helper has some hidden commands. Tap once to awaken your Google Home or to pause and un-pause a broadcast. Also, if you slide your finger to the side a circle will light up indicating the volume. It’s sometimes a faster way to perform these functions instead of yelling them out with your voice. Since Home is directly built and controlled by Google, I woulnd’t be surprised if future software updates add more touch commands.
5.Lights on, lights off: One thing to regard here is that-one of the many promises of Google Home is that it will be the voice-controlled hub for all of your smart devices. That includes changing the color of your lights, turning them on, and of course shutting things down for the night. There are multiple IFTTT recipes for lights, including a very simple ”OK Google, good night” for when you’re headed off to bed. That command works specifically with LIFX, although my expecation is that more integration will come over time. for sure, if you have Phillips Hue bulbs, they can interface directly with Home. No IFTTT recipe required. Thanks......

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