Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Google Assistant Developer Platform is going to be ready in December

The Google’s major push into home automation and artificial intelligence has been sort-of realized with the Google Assistant. On this note, it lives inside of the Pixel and Google Home, but that’s just the start. So... along the line, the company wants to enable your favorite apps and services to connect with it so you can issue voice commands that simplify numerous day-to-day tasks. The destination at the end of this journey is a little clearer with Google recently announcing that Actions on Google will be available for developers next month. This is going to allow them to create voice commands from the Google Assistant for their apps and services. So now, there are three main tools that developers can tap into: direct actions, conversation actions, and the embedded Google Assistant SDK. Now... let say for example, if your connected garage door platform builds in support, you could say "OK Google, close my garage door." This is the first step toward Google Home closing the big gap between it's supported services and Amazon's Echo. The embedded SDK is for those that want to put Google Assistant inside of their own hardware. This shows that while Google wanted to push the Assistant it out there with its own products first, the plan is for it to be more widely available across a range of different devices. Finally on this note, if you’re a developer or just an enthusiast who wants to know more, you can sign up for updates at the Actions on Google site.
The effect it offers to your home: So far, Google Assistant is at the center of Google’s efforts to automate numerous aspects of your life. So in this sense, once the SDK is released, we're likely to see a handful of new services supported around the end of the year, with more early next year. By the middle of 2017, Google hopes to have dozens of supported apps and services and the Assistant built into several different phones and other smart home devices. Thanks ....