Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Instant Tethering enables you to easily share your connection with nearby Android devices

As we all know, the Wi-Fi tethering feature built into your Android phone is a great feature that shares your connection with devices that might not have cellular capabilities. As the case may be now, Google is looking for a way to make it a little easier getting it up and running. So to that regard, a new feature called Instant Tethering is currently rolling out as part of the 10.2.91 update to Google Play Services. While that is noted, according to Android Police, the feature is currently limited to Nexus and Pixel phones running Nougat 7.1.1, and the only clients supported are the Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets (though two phones can share their connections as well). In any case, as the service begins to make its way to other devices, it could be an excellent feature for people who regularly use their phone’s tethering feature. Okay......whereas previous connection is needed, pairing codes and several other steps to set it up, the new method works similarly to the way Wi-Fi connections work now. And more, the two devices need to be within Bluetooth range and linked to the same Google account to start the connection, but other than that, there aren’t any toggles to flip or passwords to enter. Basically, your tablet will automatically connect to your phone’s hotspot whenever it needs a connection. Both the Play services update and the feature are still being rolled out to users, so even if you use one of the supported phones, you might not see the feature yet. Finally, to check, head over to the Google menu in the Settings app, and look for the Instant Tethering option under the Services heading. Thanks.......

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