Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How you can use Google Home's built-in ambient audio to get some rest and relaxation

As it is now, Google Home has picked some cool high-profile features over the past few weeks, including support for multiple accounts and access to millions of recipes, but a new feature that has flown in under the radar might be even more useful. Now in regard to that, instead of paying top dollar on a bulky white noise machine for you or your newborn baby, your Google Home can now fill your room with soothing ambient sounds. There are 15 in all, ranging from a crackling fireplace to a babbling brook. And since they’ll most often be used when you’re already tired and stressed out, Google has made it super easy to operate. Here’s is a breakdown on how it works. If you say, “OK Google, help me relax,” your Google Home will play a random ambient noise for the next hour (or until you tell it to stop). Alternatively, you could ask it to play it for a specified amount of time, something we’re not able to do when playing music. In addition, you can also ask it play a different sound if the one you hear doesn’t fit your fancy, or ask for one of the specific tracks in its catalog, including:
Relaxing sounds
Nature sounds
Water sounds
Running water sounds
Outdoor sounds
Country night sounds
Babbling brook sounds
Oscillating fan sounds
Fireplace sounds
Forest sounds
Ocean sounds
Rain sounds
River sounds
Thunderstorm sounds
White noise Just as it is also with the random sounds, you can set a specific time limit for an individual track by saying, “OK Google, play thunderstorm sounds for 2 hours,” if heavy rain and distant rumbling happens to be your thing.
A sleep aid: Ambient noise is cool and for all, but one major thing is that we’re most excited about the automatic shut-off timer. Now, we just want to be able to use it for our music, too. Pretty please?!. Thanks...

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